Loan Size$1 million - $20 million
Loan Term1 to 3 years
RatesStarting as low as 6.75%
Loan FeesVaries depending on length of term
CollateralFirst Deed of Trust
Secondary CollateralOther real estate collateral may be pledged for credit enhancement
GeographyTexas and West (along with select Eastern States)
Property TypesApartments, Industrial, Office, Retail, Self Storage, Mobile Home Parks, Mixed Use, R&D
Loan to Value / Loan to CostUp to 75% LTV / 80% LTC
Debt Service RequirementsDSCR below 1.0 will be considered
AmortizationInterest Only
PrepaymentTypically no Prepayment Penalty
RecourseNon-Recourse available
Reserves & HoldbacksDebt Service, Construction Costs, Tenant Improvements